Konica minolta bizhub 367 default admin password

Konica minolta bizhub 367 default admin password

No matter how digital our lives become, printers remain essential in any office and convenient at home for schoolwork, maps, fliers, and photos. No matter which kind of printer you’re looking for, here’s the information you need to make a well-informed purchase.

The Big Picture From inexpensive snapshot units and inkjets to high-end color lasers, printers are designed to do different jobs. Here’s how they stack up, feature by feature Konica minolta bizhub 367 default admin password

Key Specs Explained We unravel the mysteries of print speed, print quality, cost of ownership, and maximum resolution–and tell you which specs are really important.

Printer Shopping Tips Whether you want an inkjet to print documents and newsletters at home, a snapshot printer to output photos and postcards, or a laser printer to take care of the needs of your whole office, we have recommendations to make your purchase easier.

The Big PictureThe major printing technologies available–inkjet and laser/LED–are all capable of printing typical documents competently, but some differences remain. Inkjet printers excel at printing photos on many sizes and types of media, but they achieve their best results when using special papers.

Laser and LED printers both achieve crisp results on a wide array of papers, but they struggle with the subtler colorations of photos. Snapshot printers, which use either inkjet or dye-sublimation technology, are limited to printing photos of specific sizes.

Inkjet Printers Offer VersatilityHome and small-office users who print a light volume of pages but also a fairly wide variety–anything from a letter or driving directions to children’s vacation photos–will enjoy the versatility of today’s inkjet printers. While the truly low-end models can still be pretty slow, some high-end models can be impressively fast.

For the best print quality, you’ll need to invest in an assortment of papers, and you’ll have to learn your way around the printer’s driver settings. You can reduce how often you swap paper types by purchasing a model with two separate paper trays.

Konica minolta bizhub 367 default admin password

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